How Can Staffing Agencies Help Web3 Firms Find the Right Talent?

How Can Staffing Agencies Help Web3 Firms?
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With Web3 going mainstream, Web3 developers are continuously developing decentralized applications daily. But, there is a need for fundamental changes by breaking from the current system and replacing Web1 and Web2 with a completely decentralized Web3 model. Hiring in Web3 is unique as Web3 recruitment agencies face big challenges when finding an expert with the correct skills and talent to tackle specific blockchain projects. A business or company may require a Web3 developer, depending on the kind of start-up or company they are. If a product that runs on the blockchain is being built, it makes sense to hire a talented and skillful Web3 developer with years of experience in the blockchain industry. Companies that have hired a team of experts through Web3 recruitment agencies like Blockchain Staffing Company can help identify the tools and blockchains that can be used for building a particular project. Now, the question is: “Where can a company or a business find a Web3 developer with the right talent and skill?”.

Let us understand more about the Web3 development roles, learn how to identify the right talent, assess and interview the candidates, and finally recruit them.

Understanding Web3 Development Roles

When different kinds of start-ups and large enterprises or organizations require Web3 developers for hiring, they are faced with the big challenge of finding experts with the right skills to tackle and overcome the problems relating to blockchain projects. Web3 recruitment companies explore the different roles of Web3 developers and the skills required to fulfill their responsibilities while working as a Web3 developers. The main roles of web three developers include:

  • Front-end Developers: This developer builds the UI, or the user interface for the decentralized application, which includes the feel and looks of the app itself.
  • Back-end Developers: These engineers build servers, hosting the user interface of the dApps. They should have ample knowledge to work with NodeJS and other server-based languages like Ruby and Python.
  • Full Stack Developers: These developers are generally bank-end developers with the skills of front-end developers or vice versa. They should be able to take ideas from concept to development to production on both ends of the stack.
  • Mobile Application Developers: These developers create mobile apps running on Web3, allowing users to manage, track, and view other information on the blockchain. They also ensure that the mobile apps function optimally across various operating systems like Android and iOS.
  • Data Scientists: These developers analyze massive data sets and identify trends in the performance and behavior of Web3 users. They also know how to forecast the trends that impact the future of the Web3 industry.
  • Machine Learning Engineers: These developers develop algorithms, helping make predictions based on the trends identified through analytics software. The predictions are then used to improve the user experience and performance of the Web3 platforms.
  • DevOps: These developers have to maintain the infrastructure of the entire Web3 technology and ensure that all the aspects of the system are functioning as they should.

Identifying the Right Web3 Talent

Hiring a Web3 developer is essential to expanding a business’s web presence to take it to a whole new level. By hiring a Web3 developer, companies can create platforms that stand out in the intense competition and increase conversions. Among other important steps, identifying the right Web3 talent is the most important while hiring developers in the Web3 sphere.

First, companies should identify whether they require junior or senior, full-time or part-time, and remote or on-site. Other important requirements that a company or a Web3 recruitment agency must consider include the project’s tech stack requirement and the developers’ experience. For instance, a more complex project may require a more senior team of developers. If a company is building a very niche project, it is recommended to consider industrial expertise in its hiring process. Companies can also conduct thorough assessments of the current processes and systems and leverage industry networking and community events to find the right candidates.

Find the Right Talent for Web3 Firms

Assessing and Interviewing Web3 Candidates

A good assessment and interviewing process helps determine if a particular candidate is qualified enough for the Web3 development Job they have applied for. The process can be divided into four parts:

  • Informational Round: The informational round is important to learn about the background, interests, and experience of the candidates. Gather the required information in this round to help determine if the candidate is fit for the project or team and whether they have the necessary skills to be a good Web3 developer.
  • Behavioral Round: It focuses on how the candidates behave in certain situations relating to their job. The behavioral round helps decide whether the candidates have all the required skills to succeed in a given company position.
  • Structured Round: It is important to ask candidates similar questions to effectively compare their responses and evaluate suitability for Web3 developer employment. The structured round allows the company to compare their candidates objectively using consistent elements across all applications to make an informed hiring decision.
  • Technical Round: This round is the most important part of the Web3 developer hiring process and is generally conducted by a senior. Developers in this round should be well aware of the technical elements of the projects they have worked on in the past and should be confident enough to explain the necessary solutions provided in detail. The objective of the interview round is to check if the candidates can resolve technical questions correctly and communicate the issues or problems with proper coding.

Recruiting and Sourcing Web3 Talent

Companies can use different techniques for recruiting and sourcing Web3 talent, such as using Web3 staffing agencies like Blockchain Staffing Ninja. They can also create attractive brands for employers or leverage employee referrals. Outstaffing agencies look after the entire recruiting, onboarding, and vetting processes of new Web3 talent. This is the most popular method for finding Web3 experts in the industry. Note that although this may not be as quick as hiring freelancers, an out-staffing company offers guarantees that freelancers cannot. It is also important to look for hiring agencies with Web3 developers in their talent pool to make things easier and faster while seamlessly identifying and sourcing the company‘s needs.

Services Provided by Web3 Staffing Agencies

Web3 staffing agencies like the Blockchain Staffing Ninja offer various services, such as quickly identifying the right talent, conducting assessments and interviews, and providing consulting and project management services. They can explore the extensive Web3 domain to fill the niche requirements of the companies to ensure the optimal fit. Web3 staffing agencies can save valuable resources, making hiring time-saving and cheaper by providing the best opportunities. With the Web3 market and the number of Web3 candidates growing daily, finding the right talent can be tough for companies and businesses. Web3 staffing agencies help filter the relevant metrics and find the right talent for the company.


To conclude, the Web3 ecosystem offers several exciting opportunities for companies, especially start-ups, to overcome problems from different angles. With the growth of Web3 and the number of candidates in the domain, start-ups often find it difficult to hire the right talent from the pool of Web3 developers. The hiring process can also be typically expensive, but the costs can be substantially lowered by hiring a Web3 staffing agency. It is important to consider optimizing the hiring process tailored to the Web3 domain and the company’s specific objectives or goals. By creating a well-designed hiring plan that includes understanding Web3 development roles, identifying the right talent, assessing and interviewing the Web3 candidates, and recruiting and sourcing them, staffing agencies can efficiently find a unique match and make the hiring process an easier job for the companies.