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Future with Exceptional Blockchain Expertise
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In addition to validating vocational and educational credentials, platforms that recruit blockchain talents can be easily shared but remain unaltered by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This implementation mitigates the risk of unintentional biases pertaining to age, race, and gender. The competition for the top crypto and Web3 talent is in full swing. In this article, we have discussed the competition in this industry and provided some essential guidelines for locating and attracting the industry’s top blockchain and Web3 talents.

The Competition for Blockchain Talent

A report recently stated the growth of blockchain skills by almost 6,000% in hiring blockchain developers. With this massive growth rate of blockchain and crypto skills, it is easy to think that the digital market consists of skilled crypto talents. However, the report also mentioned that the demand for the top 10 blockchain skills also increased by over 400%, and around 53% of the hiring managers mentioned that accessing these skills was the biggest hiring challenge they faced.

Blockchain developers in the US earn $130,000 per year, much higher than those in tech hubs, including New York City or San Francisco. Several new entrants and market-experienced developers can command a far higher number than what exists today. However, these numbers may not be sufficient to attract the right blockchain talent, which has become the new industry challenge of hiring crypto talents.

Money isn’t the Solution

High-salary-paying companies offer generous bonuses to attract skilled Web3 talents. However, this is not sufficient to get the best blockchain developers since money is not always the answer to every problem. Many professional blockchain talents, along with early cryptocurrency investors, have been working for over a decade. In addition to this, many experienced developers have been working on their projects and are, therefore, preoccupied. This makes it challenging for businesses to hire blockchain talent. Hence, they often turn to blockchain talent-hiring agencies to get the best talent.

Tips for Finding and Attracting Top Blockchain Talent

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding and attracting the best blockchain talents in the digital world. However, there are a few tips that companies can use to find the sharpest minds in the crypto world:

Blockchain Networking Events and Conferences:

There are many conferences and events staged around blockchain and crypto, so developers can attend tech-specific events such as consensus or blockchain developer conferences.

Look for Referrals:

We can offer useful advice and contacts to help locate the necessary Web3 experts. Use different social media platforms and other informal opportunities to learn about the open positions for Web3 talents.

Use Professional Blockchain Recruiters:

Many recruiters have started to specialize in hiring blockchain talents. This comes with a cost, but the legwork is outsourced to the best blockchain staffing agencies.

Professional Blockchain Recruiters

Diving into Online Communities:

Specific online platforms exist to hire Web3 talents. Candidates actively seeking jobs can use these platforms instead of generic platforms.

Checking Out Freelancing Sites:

Freelancing websites offer a search function to allow users to find the best blockchain talents based on certain experiences or skills. This helps businesses hire with more flexibility.

Being Flexible:

To attract the right kind of blockchain talent pool, offering remote working facilities with flexible hours is important. Hiring freelancers may also be a good compromise.

Staging Hackathons:

Blockchain talents are essentially problem solvers. Staging hackathons can be an excellent way to bring a group of creative problem-solving blockchain talent. This also gives the candidates insight into the different kinds of problems and an opportunity to solve them.

Offering Interesting Projects:

Creative blockchain problem solvers may require assurance that their new responsibility will provide intellectual stimulation and help them build blockchain skills to make a tangible difference.

Build Strong Teams:

Allowing candidates to join strong teams of like-minded, skilled, and knowledgeable people can be a good selling point to extract the right blockchain talent.


To conclude, qualified blockchain talents have various knowledge and skills, including blockchain architecture, data structure, cryptography, web development, smart contracts, and programming languages. Blockchain companies can make informed decisions while hiring Web3 talents based on immutable and reliable data. All in all, blockchain talents are globally distributed.

Using blockchain hiring recruiters such as Blockchain Staffing Ninja, companies can meet their global expansion needs by ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations and hiring the best blockchain talents available worldwide. Remember that securing top crypto and Web3 talents can be a multifaceted struggle. The process involves a well-structured hiring strategy, from sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, crafting job requirements, and understanding the required skills. Teaming up with blockchain hiring agencies simplifies overall hiring projects and helps companies find the perfect candidate.